Traditional Counseling

Many people, throughout the lifespan, struggle with anxiety, socialization and coping skill problems, addiction/substance abuse, depression, anger, learning or behavior complications, grief, trauma, illness or other emotional problems.  Most people view these as mental health concerns.  A counselor will use his/her expertise in order to help the client discover ways to manage such issues and live a healthy and productive life.  Our counselors are trained to provide traditional counseling to individuals, couples, families, and groups.



Our staff is well-versed and trained to provide prospective clients with a variety of clinical, evidence-based psychological assessments in the areas of depression, substance abuse, disassociation, and psychosis severity, to name only a few.  Our office offers appointments for driver’s license restoration assessments.



In the course of your life you may encounter situations for which you feel unprepared.  Relationships at home or work, marriage, parenting, career changes, grief or loss, aging, divorce, blending families and other life transitions.  Coaching is a counseling method which supports such life transitions and is designed to help you achieve healthy goals.



Addictions recovery, smoking cessation, substance abuse assessment, stress assessment, eliminating self-defeating behavior are all types of services counseling therapy offers.  Both individuals and employers can take advantage of these services.  Making healthy lifestyle choices and overcoming addictions can create a better family and work environment.



Counselors may also enter the work place to offer services in the areas of employee development and executive coaching.


Workshops and Trainings

Sturgis Consultation Center helps individuals, groups, and organizations achieve greater success in areas of special interest. We are focused on meeting the target audience's training and development needs across a wide variety of concerns.